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Evening Dresses USA U.S. defense officials said the 1st

Le 14 septembre 2013, 03:54 dans Humeurs 0

Evening Dresses USA U.S. defense officials said the 1st , Navy, " Nimitz" nuclear aircraft carrier battle group is heading for the Red Sea , ready to fight when necessary for the United States limited the Syrian goal to provide support.


The aircraft carrier battle group in the Indian Ocean near the end of the routine tasks , the original plan to return the United States, the U.S. government's recent military action against Syria brewing and reinforcements deployed .


Aircraft reinforcements on standby


nike vapor superfly 2 An unnamed U.S. official said , in addition to the "Nimitz " aircraft carrier , the entire battle group also includes four destroyers and a cruiser , the Arabian Sea are now traveling west . As a night, this aircraft carrier battle groups have not yet entered the Red Sea.


" Nimitz" aircraft carrier battle group to perform tasks previously in the Indian Ocean , is responsible for U.S. military operations in Afghanistan to provide support . According to the U.S. aircraft carrier in the Gulf region to maintain a single configuration program , " Nimitz" recently from " Harry · S · Truman" nuclear aircraft carrier to succeed , originally planned to travel east through the Pacific back in Everett , WA port .


U.S. officials said that, given the situation in Syria to upgrade , the U.S. military decided to re- deploy " Nimitz" , the instruction of their westward , to the Red Sea , the Mediterranean area may eventually deploy waters.


An official said , the purpose of re- deployment "Adjusting military resources " so that whenever you need to play a decision-making "aircraft carrier battle group 's ability ." However, the " Nimitz" has yet to receive an instruction to the Mediterranean Sea .


mlb jerseys wholesale By the federal government fiscal austerity policies, the U.S. military in the Gulf region to maintain only a single aircraft carrier " Nimitz" aircraft carrier after the end of the task hotspots continue to stand , in fact, the U.S. military in the region to restore the dual carrier configuration.


Hold harmless deployment


U.S. officials have said in the past week, the Navy 's military forces in the Mediterranean has doubled . Among them, in the region patrolling by the three destroyers to 5 , the total carrying about 200 "Tomahawk " cruise missiles .


In addition , the Navy will be equipped with 300 marines and a lot of communications equipment , " San Antonio " amphibious assault ship from the Mediterranean region to the west fielded to this region.


Louis Vuitton Iphone Case Another official said, " San Antonio " was received instruction is necessary as temporary maritime base for combat forces halfway supplies and other support, can also assist in evacuation missions. As the U.S. President Barack Obama has announced that it would take military action against Syria seek congressional authorization , once considered imminent military action actually been postponed to 9 days later .


U.S. officials said the suspension of the use of force to military decision-makers actually have more time to evaluate the deployment of the regional military equipment. The next few days , the military will be based on maintenance , staffing and other practical need to identify other naval vessels deployed location .


Bossuyt strike fear


weddingcustomstore Pressing harder and harder to face the United States , the Syrian authorities hardline . President Bashar al- Assad said on the 1st , the U.S. threat of aggression against Syria will not prevent Syria uphold its principles, Syria has the ability to respond to any external aggression .


" Syria ...... have the ability to respond to any external aggression , " the Syrian news agency quoted Assad as saying , "Just deal with it within a day behind the terrorist organizations and their supporters as well."


Syrian authorities also referred to U.S. President Barack Obama last minute change of mind , seek congressional authorization the use of force , saying that this approach shows Obama's "hesitation " and " confused " while calling on the U.S. Congress at the polls show the "wisdom ."


Syrian official " Revolutionary Paper " on the 2nd published an editorial called Obama to seek congressional authorization of the use of force held the equivalent of " directly or indirectly declared historic Americans began to retreat ." As a Syrian ally , Iran, the 2nd and the U.S. as warned that any military action would threaten the interests of the United States itself . Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Chairman Aladdin · Borujerdi said: "The Americans threatened the countries in the region , while never expect that their interests would not be threatened ."

Chanel Iphone Case A movie, after sufficient bedding

Le 14 septembre 2013, 03:53 dans Humeurs 0

uk prom dresses "Transformers 2" ( see Professional critic ) at 0:00 on the 24th of the premiere , five basic packed hall , and no one midway leave. A commercial film venture up to two and a half hours ( of course , not to exceed the " Pirates of the Caribbean 3 " record ) , there is bound to grab the audience's confidence holy grail , but this time the theme is " must get cool ! ." The last " Transformers" has not come out , the whole world is talking out much problem with the original , the Autobots and Decepticons rigorous validation , styling tricks , kung fu strong , after a lapse of two years after the appearance , taste first highly appreciated the sweetness , "Transformers 2" stunts and action even in dialogue design completely free hand, the most attractive of the first element , in much the same order of arrangement , soared dose . If you're obsessed with the gorgeous , overwhelming bombing , Rush, "Transformers 2 " will make you have a buy one get ten like refreshing ; But if you are a control plot , or also on the original aesthetic and worldview obsession, then you may see "Independence Day ," " Bad Boys ," " Pearl Harbor ", not "Transformers ." The inside, where all the robot exoskeleton are wrapped with a Michael - Tony 's heart.


mlb throwback jerseys "Transformers 2" broke the original temporal sequence , directly resorted to the ultimate BOSS " Fallen " , but also the history of the planet Cybertron , the Autobots and Decepticons scores roots and give an account of Optimus Prime 's life experience is completed , although there are third rear, context itself is already complete story . Transformers fans are familiar with the many non-core roles, such as from " digging Tiger" fit from the " Hercules" , the mysterious villain " Fallen ", G1 animation defections of the " day of fire " and so on , but also to become your role in the film version heavy and role, and the two factions have joined the lineup of supporting a large number of the original form of the more powerful fighting force . This battle , from the beginning of the film from the ancient war , almost two and a half hours without break over . If the first unit is to test for water , stunt show slightly timid, and detailed description of the robot deformation Although stunning but mostly a glimpse, "Transformers 2" would be entirely Hotshot gesture, the first battle of Shanghai , automobile class people join the army hunt remnants of the Decepticons on Earth , Optimus Prime from heaven, in the air patiently , exhaustive demonstration of physical disintegration of the various components , the whole process of reconstruction ; factions multi-field duel with a lot more confidence Zhongjinghaoting true depiction of gang warfare , close-up zoom limb subtle and precise movement. If we say dispatched rocket artillery bombardment , in Michael - Tony the works of past flooding early to the point where robots fight is superb technology can render the most classic scenes. In the sequel , had even Megatron Optimus Prime are dry, but the ability to upgrade , not only to learn the "Matrix " play " bullet time " , woods battle with an enemy 10 , Tomahawk artillery pronged approach, quite heroic martial arts films ; Hornet Chi setback Decepticons tricks , than on a simple beat face more complicated. Several supporting modeling and motion design in terms of compliance or the pursuit of identity and individuality modern point of view , are also beyond the original . Ultimate Optimus touches to the mission leader , and Fallen Megatron duel with drama , martial arts routines recipe finished playing , they repeated the lore in Optimus rush end , so that " Fallen ," the bear history offense is not enough mighty wicked die illegible .


Chanel Iphone Case A movie, after sufficient bedding should be gradually reached a climax , but the " Transformers 2" from the bedding has been present in the climax , the Decepticons never for a moment stopped the car and humans - especially the protagonist Sam - attack , each segment is naturally played sparks were flying , exciting , but good show too , seemed fatigued against time down is no longer " Transformers 2" so ​​that the audience is not easy culprit. Sequel every two years to see the light , the audience is already quite remember how the Autobots and Decepticons on Earth bar , a sequel no time for reminders, but also to squeeze a lot of new background information , for those who come for a " Transformers "complex is not deep , and secondly, do not indulge militant fight scenes people who have each appeared to not handsome new role they are a burden to understand , such as Hercules , as the name appeared only once in the subtitle characters , the last just as exotic animals as being attracted brief marvel ever achieved the role to drive the plot . Designed comic partner twins this time instead of Autobot Bumblebee responsible for the completion of humor , but the hard pinching black accents gag was not closely combined with the story , even looking for "SpongeBob SquarePants" have a hard voice of the cute feeling.


Custom Wedding Gown Really funny to play vanguard , or several human characters . Sam's college roommate Leo swept down " science geek ", " coward ", " if TB " and other identities, and the last episode was the seventh district fired agents Simon hundred duo consisting God , this was supposed to to the " Transformers" movie hit a lot of American nonsense perfusion spirit . Sense of comedy is "Transformers 2" surge component part , Michael Bay and even his own spoof masterpiece also turned out a bit ( details Please note that Sam 's part in the university dormitory ) . Appeal manifestly inadequate , but is Sam and Camilla's emotions , and Sam epiphany mission, this is Michael Bay to weakness , losing the last episode , " and alien friends ," the fresh plot, the great love and friendship , sense of responsibility to save the planet , are superficial American heroism .



nbafansmall Paramount early news release to shoot "Transformers 3 ", people can not help but think that it would become a " Star Wars " as a long epic series ? But the " Transformers 2" straining large enough to have the strongest voice soared out, the plot also can not be called exciting. Fallen dead, what is the secret planet Cybertron to be tapped ? Decepticons what can be done ? Left half expect , half questioned.